Multi-sectorial services

Process and productivity studies

We make fabrication processes studies already implanted to optimize them.

We design new fabrication processes with the possibility of having key in hand to get a superior performance and a fast cost amortization.

We make productive processes studies in order to improve the production and reduce the costs, adjusting to:

  • Customer necessities
  • Your available resources
  • Amortization processes
  • Best product quality
  • Production increase
  • Occupational hazards prevention


We design in 3D and we deliver all the necessary documentation to the fabrication, including the use and maintenance manuals

  • Special machinery
  • Tools (Control, Wielding, Assembly)(control, Soldadura, Ensamblaje)
  • Industrializations and automatizations of processes
  • Robotized cells

Prototype fabrication

Designed by ourselves or by our customers

We have available a reserved room within the 200m2 surface (2152.8ft2) company dedicated to fabrication, assembling and testing of the prototypes

Inside this room, we have a mechanized section for possible retouching that can come up during the assembling

Serial manufacturing of machinery


Electricity and programing services

Water-cutting services, with our own machinery

Metrology, with a three-dimensional Kreon arm with 3200mm reach